montreal (buddha) avi


I'm looking for a 3v3 & 5v5 team...
Maybe some of you know me as k|nQ.buDDha?!

About me:

~> From: Poland
~> Age: 18 Years Old
~> Language: Polish, German, English
~> TeamSpeak avaible: yes
~> Skill: med
~> class: medic, sometimes 2nd engineer
~> able to give commands

Contact me via crossfire: montreal

Xfire : ddam78
QuoteRegistered: 19 February 2011
Member For: 0 days
med ":D"
he is.. he played along time with nB
so if ppl play with nb they are med! :p
sorry der musste sein..
e. aggro says the truth, montreal is probably better then med ;)
gl nice player :)
Yes, i registered today and?
I dont see there any problem...

I am not a skillfaker ;)
But u don't know how to use reply :pPPpPpp NIWWWWWBJIIIIIIIIIIII
muahahahaha :DD
gl bejbe xD
nowadays real low+ is better than fake med
what commands can u give
I'll learn it with the replies :P

ya klar wait bin noch da :D & med bin ich auch keine angst ;)

With commands i mean the tactic inGame etc.

If someone is interested I can play some wars with you and
show you that i'm med
gl but ur from germany and ur parents from pl :P

hes reallly med he just dont like cf :>
My IP is only from Germany :P
Me & my blood is polish! :D
and he has a canadian city as an ET name...
GL buddha nice guy ;D
gl cashiq! :)
Gief command I want to do !admintest
gl buddha!
Better then med!
Take this guy he will improve this year!
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