ET under Vista

I've currently updated from XP to Vista and cannot make ET to run under it, any thoughts or solutions?

It shows me error in some dll file when i try to join server...

ET + Vista = retarded
just stick to XP, heard Vista isnt that good.
i got vista premium for free, i want to install it :(
are you sure you want to install it?

plz consider again =)
modify compatibility settings:

1. XP SP2 compatibility mode
2. Run as administrator
thats why i never had problems lol i use the build in admin account with no stupid restrictions. But im not sure if i had it in the XP compatibility mode...hmm
If you have problems with dll reinstall et, update pb via pbsetup and run et as administrator. Worked fine for me in Vista.
etbot doesnt work on vista
thanks Iron and speedy it works, the problem now my FPS jumps from 20 to 100, must be Leadtek 6600GT with 128mb is too powerless to keep Vista and ET at the same time.
et doesn't run with vista
games and 64bit systems arent working to well. You could noticed diffrence in fps in xp and xp64 ~ smth about 10-20 fps
vista is for ppl who like to use all the power for cute windows and gay bars
Vista is a pain in the ass. Worst O/S ever.
Get Linux ffs.
well, all fine except graphics card, Vista asks for 256mb of graphical memory thus the FPS lags i have.

My Pc is:

AMD 939 3800x2
1GB of ddr 400 from Geil
Leadtek 128mb 6600GT
DFI Lanparty-Ultra NF3 motherboard

I think performance wise Vista32 beats XP32, from my short work with it i clearly see that, although don't forget i'm web developer and i need Vista's framework to get faster into .NET 3.0 and some functionality you won't need for few years unless DirectX10 will come out and you will want to play graphically rich games.

Again from gamer point of view Vista is future for game developers it's present and worst present they ever had since all those cool games postdone their releases due to late Vista release > longer wait untill DirectX10 > longer till ATI and Nvidia do something with themself. Although ATI announced new card which probably will be way though.

Vista uses much more services that XP, i could easily disconnect those which i don't need and get back to 200MB memory usage from 450mb Vista uses now but i have enough memory to run development tools and graphical editors at the same time.

As for comment of the rest, you have no idea what are you on about.

Linux's only use is to hold servers, there is ALMOST no professional tools for Linux, all normal applications made by rather Sun or some freaks who give cool ideas to Microsoft while their own "Open source" applications lack much in functionality and professionallity.

64bit system have nothing to do with Vista Ultimate 32 i have nor with performance itself. 64bit systems using memory resources differently, while applications and drivers made by those who unfamiliar with 64bit technology, YET. It comes soon.

I don't know many true 64bit applications, maybe Sonar for those who familiar with audio development.

Don't forget, technology moves fast but it takes time for ppl to comprehend it this is why many websites these days using techology prior 1999 when latest version of HTML been released back then. 8 years ...
Just run ET as admin, should work. I got it working but i lagged like hell!
same here
Vista sucks hard for games were playing right now.
for ET get back Xp Sp2.
You will need Vista for the newer games, for Direct X10! XP won't support this, unless someone creates a crack/hax of some sort./
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