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The crack of a rifle signals the start... A previously silent landscape erupts into hell, with the screams of men and drone of machine guns. Splintering bones, bullets ripping flesh and the spray of shrapnel, the war has begun... Breaking Point is a Call Of Duty 2 tournament that puts you in the heart of the fight, join either the Axis or the Allies in a struggle for three theatres of World War 2. The 27th Tour of Duty sees the 21st Gyouksai Division take on the 121st Order of the Red Banner. With the first theatre already over the action has moved to the Eastern Front, which side will you join..?

Throughout our 6 year history we are still going strong and looking to expand and develop. The mixture of fun and a tactical element has proved to be the most succesful formula over the years and we have held true to those values since the beginning. Battles take place over 10 hours each week, 4 on thursday and 6 on sunday, you are able to play as much or as little as you wish.

Breaking point features it's own finely tuned purpose made mod, which is still always under development to satisfy the needs of a contributing and evolving community. Battles are usually played on a wide variety of popular custom maps, although we'll always play the odd stock map to keep everyone happy. The tour system features battle scenarios to keep things mixed up, ranging from AK's to low ammo to rifle's only.

So if you're looking for somewhere to play with your friends and to make some new ones, then Breaking Point is the place for you, you can signup here: It's completely free, all you need is Call of Duty 2 and Teamspeak 3!!!!

~The Breaking Point Staff

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