Sungi avi for 3on3

Since my current "team" (Webe) is inactive[/i]]
I can join a 3o3 team to play some 3o3 (and 2o2) officials.

I should be able to handle pretty much any skill in 2o2 and 3o3. I can also play medic/engi/any class you want me to. I can also be mature (only if you want me to), and can use TS3/Vent3. I speak Fin and Eng obviously.

Teams I've played this format in include Finlandthefinest, Finlandhaxbyjam, Finlandink and other teams with the same players.

I also play officials from time to time with FinlandWebe and FinlandAttack for allah, so keep that in mind. I can play this week at any time. After that (starting from next week) I can play till 22 CET every day needed (I can play longer on some nights, don't know yet how my school timetable will go).

Please don't be noobs.

no ban plz
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lets make a new team in cb and start to nerd when we find 3rd , oke??
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Good luck sungi ;)
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GL !
ink and thef are inactive for period, Richard mate not playing ET <3 :(

e: gl
you stole my cookies, you aint getting gl now :/
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