Tele avi for EC LAN

22 yr
willing to pay
pref teams that are willing to achieve ;)

Good luck bro ;)
gl tele :) but why isnt target attending? woody told me yesterday that 4 of target are willing to attend..
(22:06:48) (vyper) euhm ligt wel moeilijk denk ik :/ best wel ver voor me, als inkom alleen als 70Euro is, ik ga rond die periode dan ook nog op reis met vrienden

(uhm, it's gonna be hard for me i guess. it's pretty far ahead in time for me, if the entrance fee is already 70euro + i will go on a trip with friends around that period.)

Fostrum pretty much the same: it's too far ahead in time for him to decide whether he's going or not so he doesn't want to dedicate himself by paying.

With those 2 members troubling our signup woody announced to me and nohead that he doesn't wanna go if it's just the three of us with 2 random addons.
Woody: im attending 100%, cuz i want to see ur nose

2bad, but see you there, i hope :)
he may be attending, but not to compete with our team. see you there :)

This is a skilled rifler and a really good aimer ,
he can get a little strange on vent, but that is because of his gf ,
sometimes he gets drunk , but its just positive, you get alot of laughs ,
this guy can also be an ego and a fucking prick belive me,


gl 7ele
gl Tele <3

gl :D
gl teletubby
good luck 7ele whacking it! :)
Best of luck Tele, you monstrous creature!
goodluck, epic player
goodluck! good rifle you should take him :>
winner potential
gl beest
gl tele!
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