pumu avi

i wanna play some "serious" games again. playing public only aint that much fun... :-)
played a lot of ET some yrs ago, my biggest award is probably that the MG42 weapon was removed because i kinda overplayed it a bit (PWNAGE), but i also have some mp aim... fav class: allrounder but fops/soldier mostly :-) (high skill @ spam - never unlearned that)
able to play like 3 times a week ~

oh and i am ec only, never played oc :-)
also ready going to lan, pay etc np :-)

looking for some interesting offers :-)

i am also on qnet
/q pumu
but no BNC atm :-)
welcome back, pumu :)
gl krankenschwester
gl mate <3 :) extreme pwner spotted
saweet, gl
Nice to see you back. GL
pumu chuj
gl nigga
you're spam was always so annoying (that is a compliment) :)
gl pumu

starkes aim wieder?
no lol :p
only panzerfaust!
gL hide and seek pownEr ;)
omg pumu omg
we should make a campaign to get MG42 back in the game!
i have to agree that u were also pwning that thing ;D
gl pumu! team up with limbo & co
gl hauke, humm3L will beat you up on lan tho, be careful!
not rly :)
wb man ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Good luck! for the week I played cod2 with you, you seemed like a nice guy!!
hehe :D
cod2 was fun @ mixwars
I played a little bit of cod2 with you and gifty(?) before cod4 came out, with Nev, confo + some others!
yeye was fun :D
Welcome back pumu. Bring back riZe ltd.
gl du baserace sau ;D
gl ;))))
gl pumu ;)
Gl mate :)
hi pumu
i named my cat after you 4 years back.
its dead now tho...
ouh :( what happend?
Was a weak cat from the beginning and one day it just didnt get back home.

Was actually my gf that picked the name. I wanted to name it after an ET player for fun, and i just started naming players, when we hit urs she liked it and picked it. (apparently mystic, raveneye ect. wasnt a cool name for a cat).
i'm still sad you didn't call it Generalz!
Gl huso!
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