camtrace bug

so i still have a big problem with my camtrace, and i have no idea how to solve it : <
when i export the .cfg files for the cam, lines look like this (for an example)

wait;cg_fov 90.00;timescale 1.000;wait;freecamsetpos - 2830.23 - 1680.14 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00;

those spaces after the - fuck up the camera coordinate, and the only way i found to solve it is to remove them manually, and that takes way too much time, especially if i dont get the camera right the first time i export it.
My os is XP, i've tried several ct3d versions, using the newest one atm.

I tried dude, sorry :<!
save the ct3d files, ask others to create cfg and send u,

while ur trying to find a solution
(reinstall? clean ur computer with ccleaner? )
camtrace is pissing me off either
Make a small application which will delete spaces after '-'. :P
what language is your windows running on, and does this always happen?
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