PMCG need a CoD4 Squad

Hey Guys

Team PMCG is searching for a Call of Duty 4 - Squad. Server and TS3 will be provided, but from a german Root-Server, so check out if you got ping-problems, so it's consistent that we're searching for geman players pimary, but english speaking people are welcome too :) .

If you're interested in, PM me here or contact me in ICQ (201072318) or #pmcg.
gl cobra :D
Du bist auch den ganzen Tag auf der Seite unterwegs oder :D ? WIe gehts denn pate dem alten Hund?
inb4 delete >D

semesterferien, so why not :D
give me cod4 key then im in
Nice one, got a complete team with realy nice guys :) .
It felt so good to know that I had a great company to call. They help a lot, thank you mold testing tallahassee fl
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