ET-Demo View Change.


Ive done sometin sick on deli, at the day i said "oh my autorecord is bugged nm",
the prob is, no of my teammates was dead atm, so nobody recorded what ive done...

i got now the demo from 1 teammate, couse somebody told me, that their should be a way to can see "my view" even its not on the demo, with some special program?

I hope somebody can help me with it, if its gonne be much work, im gonna pay for it as long as its possible..

you can use Wolfcam or uv-moviemod.

The closer your friend was, the better.

Just type /follow (your player number here) inside one of last 2 mods.
Unfortunately they are just acquaintances.
god damn, you sure? then i guess it may not work!
image: TrollFace
hi kamz
This dude shot hs on delivery? amazing
frags on delivery are rarely impressive.
idd, atleast 4man frag all 3hs 100% acc !
niki u saw it? did we played yesterday against ur team ? :o
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And I dunno how stupid you are, but isnt it obvious that hes trolling?
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