kramer needs movie cfg

Want this CFG:
Artstar wont give it to me :(
Somebody got some same graphic settings?

r_picmip 3
Got it, 10€ and you'll get it
Got it, sell it always 1 euro cheaper then Gemb!
why Gemb? :o
rofl, why did Uniq's comment get removed ?
I don't have the same cfg but I made mine look nearly exactly the same :)
Could u give it to me?<3
doesn't looks like his real gaming cfg can't help ya
useless imo,

what you see in video isnt same from in game, already tried same cfg, not working as good in game ( to see enemy ) :(
looks a bit like mystic's cfg.. also same colorstyle
sorry :d kinda got bombarded thought I replied to you.
Looks kinda like antman's script => or google it :]
too bright
made this cfg myself from scratch. :P
deal with it. get some beer...
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