So this is going to be my new PC?

So I have been looking quite a long time for the parts I want in my new pc. I made this setup:
image: fractal-design-define-r3-black-pearl
Case:Fractal Design Define R3 Black Pearl *88.10*
Power Supply:Antec TruePower 650W *99.50*
mobo:MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) *144.50*
cpu:Intel Core i5 2500K *180.85*
memory:Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3-1600 CL9 *40.22*
SSD:OCZ Vertex 2 Extended 60GB *99.00*
CPU cooling:Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B *33.55*

Between the stars is the price that i'm likely going to buy it at.

I chose for a silent case, but i can also remove some bitmut(material that makes the case almost soundless) to get more space for fan's to create a better airflow. The memory is a single kit so i can expand it later. The motherboard is the only B3 board available here at the moment, but it seems nice and good price is maybe a bit high. I didn't take the OCZ vertex 3 because the smallest size is 120 GB and that's a bit too much money wise, sadly no ~60 GB version out yet(???). I won't need much storage on this computer for movies etc I will use my 1TB external HDD. Maybe I will buy a HDD later that would porbaly be the Samsung Spinpoint F3. I'm not sure what graphiccard I will take but I will go for an nvidea card. AMD(ATI) doesn't like linux that much and Well I use linux part time so... Probaly going to be a GTX 460 or GTX 550 Ti

Going to play Brink with this and ofcourse some ET and all the obv. stuff. So what do you guys think? Any suggestions?
sounds fine
i got a modular power supply in my last build and its so much better !!
What are the benefits?
you dont have 20 unused power cables making a huge mess inside the case but you can add them if you need to in future etc!!
I will consider this, depening on how much it will increase the cost of the power supply.

first time i agree with u, kinda sad :s
then i take it back!
cool fucking story bro
I might wait a bit longer and go for a mobo with a Z68 chipset so i can use sandy bridge at first and later on buy a GPU, anyone got any experience with sandybridge onboard gpu and ET?
4GB Corsair Vengance RAM is only £4 more
Why pay that amount for a MoBo when their pretty much all the same, just more useless features.
Get a Modular Seasonic 620W or Corsair 650W HX
Also, the Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler is only a few £ extra
Vengace + Mugen 2 + sandybridge mobo=fail, It just doesn't fit
The mugen 2 is going to be my cpu cooler it has the best price/sound/cooling ratio:]

I will look into other mother boards but there arn't any avaliable because Intel was lame enough for this sata bug. Only MSI has a B3 bored in The netherlands. Thx for the powersupply tips I will make sure to look into them.
Ah yeah sorry, forgot about the motherboard compatibilities with Sandy Bridge.

No prob, & have fun buying :)
the case looks nice :)
Clean,soundless if i want, nice airflow if I want. Just what i was looking for and It's also good inside :] Imo one of the best case's atm. Coolermaster has the Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced but it is fugly and not as soundless.
lankool or lianli did some good cases.
lianli is mostly overpriced IMO
Mine PC is better

Look my profile :D
planning on using 2x graphics cards? if u aren't, I don't think u need that much power :P
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