Recent SLAC updates/fixes

SLAC had several updates lately and for some introduced new error messages. In most cases, it means that things weren't working fine for those users before either, but an error wasn't shown until these updates.

The most commonly reported message is "Network packet couldn't be queued, a firewall may be blocking the SLAC connection." - and the reason is probably your firewall/antivirus. That means that something is blocking communication to either or If you are getting this error message, try using \sl_netstatus command after a few minutes of running ET and report the output to me if you see a number larger than 100 in the "left to be sent" line.

The "lag on vid_restart, /quit, map change, etc" problem should now be fixed as well.

If you are getting kicked from slac addon servers for timeout related messages, do the \sl_netstatus stuff from above and report if needed.

Screenshots are back! They shouldn't be causing lags anymore and will be taken 24/7. If you find a screenshot showing a cheat, please report via IRC until a report interface is implemented on the site.

And another thing, people have asked me why is there a donate button on the site. I am not being paid by SL anymore, but they will continue covering the server and similar costs. It's not mandatory, but if you'd like to support me as the developer, you're more than welcome to donate to via either PayPal or Moneybookers (same address).

Some of the things that willl soon be implemented:
* yawn-like search functionality by nicks used on the server
* screenshot report buttons
* more detections
* after all this is tested, new games will be supported as well
Maybe implement a feature like yawn had, to link crossfire acc's to SL accs?
Other than that good shit!
* yawn-like search functionality by nicks used on the server

? dont we have sl_listplayers already?
it works only on servers running the slac server addon
Nice going, man. ;)
add nick (site) to sl_players
less text, more pics
to bad no more money for you :/
it's been like that for the past half year, but i continued work on it
thats nice
e.if you support new games you easily could get sponsors or smth like that?!:P
punkbuster get paid by game devs to be the anti cheat for their game, this would be the same I gather. :)
EB get hired by game developers/publishers, I don't have such opportunities
yet, they started somewhere Im sure.
QuoteScreenshots are back

yea keep doing mate!
great, screenshots back!
Somekind of "Random picture" button would be nice too

SLAC last update makes my ET freezes after few seconds on a server :<
my ET freezes every min for like 2-3sec :(

e: rebooted slac, seems fine now :P or tA serv just sux :)
this man deserves donations
go ahead, rich man :O)
Really nice, keep it up dude !
nice to read it
good work
good work
good work so far, gonna donate something later. I'll promise <3
i will try to donate:)
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