Trickjump CFG

hello everyone ! =)

i am looking for a good config on trickjump mod :P any1 have ?
United Kingdomsqzz's config.
i dont think u could do jump far with 95fov
share his cfg br0
just use your "etpro" cfg? :x
pmove_Fixed 1 is all you need :)
there are no good/bad ones, /+sprint might be helpful if you don't want to hold shift the whole time though
Hey noodle man, answer your phone bro :D

bip bip de bip bip de boop bip de bip.
pmove_fixed 1
com_maxfps 43/76/125
bind n save
bind mouse2 load
sensitivity "x"
cg_fov 120
just use your "etpro" cfg
pmove_fixed 1
com_maxfps 43/125
bind q load
bind e save
bind mouse2 "sprint"
sensitivity [ me ] 1600 dpi 4sens
cg_fov 100

<<--- me settings gamma TJ. gl
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