ET and Quality of Service (QoS)

Since my roommate found out how usenet works I'm having trouble playing ET because she takes all the bandwith.

Can someone tell me how I can give ET a higher priority by using QoS?


Thanks in advance!
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thanks LeFrancism8, that means a lot to me :>
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cant. bin through it, The only solution was to disable wifi and play xD
what squirtle said.
you have plenty of control in that screenshot just find out what ports shes using for usenet and limit them to a certain % of your bandwidth and you could try pushing it up slowly to see how fast she can go i suppose BUT that will always be in force not just when you are playing ;p
alright, thanks

i can change max dl to guaranteed dl, so i thought i could apply it to ET as well
tell her to turn it off when ur playing.. just ask her :PP
tell her that downloading is illegal ;))
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