nick change

I was wondering how can i change my nick name here, can i do it by myself or i need some admin to do it, if so who do i need to talk to,

thanks have a nice week,
You can change it like once a month. You should ask admin to change it if you can't change it by yourself.
Edit Profile -> Look Up -> Editing your profile: UrName - Change(<-Press) -> Change and wait for acception!
I can only change my real name, cant change my nick name !
its generaly stupid to pick clan/mgc tag in played based accounts

yeah i know but i was so young!
great thanks !
U didnt understund me.. i told u to do that.
You are right i just didnt understand you,
credit to you too dont get mad !
Editing your profile: Specula - CHANGE
klick change
np bb
pmme with desired name
seems to be a nice guy gl.

oh wut?
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