hipee avi

Hey crossies

About me:
  • From Germany
  • 18
  • med-
  • med/sec. enge
  • can speak Germany United Kingdom
  • mature, not whining
  • giving comms
  • teamplayer
  • slac user
  • avi tuesday, thursday and sunday at 8pm to ~11pm
  • some achievements in profile (low cups)

About you:
  • can be a new project
  • be acitve
  • stable team and trainingdays
  • around my skill
  • active in leagues and cups
  • friendly players, be in for a laugh
  • no whiners
  • give comms
  • teamplayers
  • slac users

Contact me:
  • pm me @ cf
gl timmy <3
gl tim, nice player! :)
gl tim <3

e: spielst noch auf frostmourne?
abund zu, warum?
geht da noch was?
PvP aufjeden, PvE auch :D Kakkt weniger ab, so 1mal alle 3std. Und sonst kaum/keine lags.

Geht fett klar.
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