gemma avi for CoD

In need of some guys to play some COD mixes with from time to time.
Don't have that much experience in the competitive scene, but I'm surely able to compete against quite the good teams.

PM me here or on QuakeNet /q Gemma

image: a11c4294_13z4hhv

skill? which cod?
4, no id about my skill :D
dont play with him! you wont learn anythin!
haha :P he would learn just aim no brain ^.^
whos that chick ? :O
David guetta feat. rihanna ... you're welcome
low+ max
can play with me xDDD i'm avi for COD4

Me: High skilled
played EAS twice 1st div.
classes: allrounder
Ye whos that random chick?
It felt so good to know that I had a great company to call. They help a lot, thank you mold inspection austin tx
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