Balancing Brink

Pretty Good read:

QuoteOne term we use that's extremely important to the game is 'necvars', text files of values that we can change locally, upload to a server and then it gets automatically dispersed through the world.

QuoteThis is how we update the game very quickly.

So if we think medics are using self-revive too much, we can slightly adjust the cool-down on how long before you can use it again. Little things like that.

If we find that operatives aren't getting the same love as other classes we can use those necvars. They're so powerful. Patches are a lot of trouble, with beta testers and certification, and time-restrictions on how many you can do. But with these you don't have to touch game code at all. We can fix problems reported to us in just one evening. We've hundreds of necvars we can play with. Say, how much damage you do with a certain bullet, or the spread radius of shotguns. Cool-down times. Speed of reload. For that last one we just change a value and the game automatically plays the reload animation faster.
self-revive? why is that even in the game?
becouse they dont think
I'd like to know how they can justify giving a class self revive, in terms of game balance. Presumably it means the class is weaker than others, in which case it hardly seems like balanced gameplay, even taking into account self-revive.
BrinkPro will solve the problem, if it are possible to mod the game, the balance could easly be fixed for competative gaming.
brink filter not working
:D hah, noted thanks for the feedback
cant wait for it.
QuoteThe only people who are going to have trouble levelling up are people who are holding the controller upside down.

Looks like Borderlands.
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