ant1y avi for CoD

Hey I am in need of a team for cod4 or blackops. I rarely play these games now days, I am willing to get back active. I have experience in scrimming in the past for cod4.

played as sniper for a while but can also smg
fun to play with
happy to play fun wars instead of ladder all the time
Was around med skilled on cod4 scrims, not sure on blackops never scrimmed in it.
Will play with slac.

Fun guys.
Could just be some people I know to get mixes with.
have some skill

contact me irc: ant1y/antOFF

or pm me here.
[13:06] <@ant1y> me on that game in wars is just godlike
haha used to be sick as sniper on cod4 man ;D
I was on just then testin the slac beta np gettin like 105-40 first time played in 1 year atleast:D
only gayboys play that game
rarely play it. Wanna get back active though just Dont know anyone who plays it now. the people i played with moved to blackops then we all fell out(the clan and split) hehe
why you stick here. go move along with them... oh mate.. just kidding but you get +1 in your mailbox :D
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THAT IS WHAT I WAS AIMING FOR :D caps lock cos my room is dark and im drunk and i cant find caps lock,, all time hitting tab:D
so why were u med skilled? If u were "sick".
Im also avi,
comapred to me hes low- cod4 in ps3 version! but.... i bet he is better with mouse.. hes med at least.. gl.. cheers.. albert ID
is slac already working for cod4? or are they still just testing it?
testing atm. beta was realeased last night.
sounds good, probably going to play cod4 again when it's working, just tired of all the hackers atm :<
yeh cool thing about slac cod4. it works pb servers. So your not limited to no pb only. Not sure if this will change but atm^
that would be nice!
make a cod4 clan with Piegie & me :)
im also avi for blackops
cod4 avi
gl nub :D
16:50 Goku • hey
16:50 • The user ant1y/antOFF doesn't exist

msg me on irc if u wana get some mixes going, im always up for playing some cod4
Im on for rest of toinight now so if you come on and wanna game just msg me on irc
It felt so good to know that I had a great company to call. They help a lot, thank you mold testing tuscon az
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