Community Movie demos

Hello crossfire, I thought about expanding my current project a bit, so Im in need of some more good demos. Being from oversea would be a plus, but not really required!


# No hacks
# From official matches
# Demo must be either cut or tagged like
# I dont really care if it's a SMG or Spam frag, everything that would look good in a movie is allowed :)

About myself:[/u]

# Going to finish the movie
# experienced
# Quality isnt the most important thing to me :)

Some Movies I made:
And the latest one, not mentioned on the page above:

If you have any questions, don't be shy and PM me.

Pm me here on Crossfire or query wrp\Gemb or wrp\Gemb`off in #wrapped-productions.

Have a nice evening xx
;D I expected this comment from you, gl to you too :)
GL with the project!
gl matee!

did you already find a team?
thx man, unfortunately I didnt find a team yet, but Im anyway not too serious about clans anymore :>
hehe ok man, i might have some demos for you but im not good with sorting out these things.. :s
use mediamanager, its easy + comfy..
Good luck!
gl with ur movie as well!

oh wait... :P
oh you meanyyyyy :( i mad

it will come out eventually :) u just need to believe!!
I'm believing! but hurry up, 2012 is the apocalypse!
hopefully at summer ^^
gl! but need my demos for my own movieproject :D
gl! but need my demos for my own movieproject :D
hope to see some nice actions soon, gl guys : )
gl gemb :D
gl gemb :D
so what up with et allstars 3?

youre all stealing my material :|
was machst du denn nun? et allstars 3 oder das fail-movie?
is doch ein und dasselbe
es ist vieles geplant.

1. mein aktuelles projekt.
2. ein anderes projekt über das ich noch nicht sprechen kann/möchte. ;)
3. das fail-movie (ein nebenprojekt. könnte auch noch viel später kommen.)
4. über et allstars 3 darf/kann/will ich noch nicht sprechen ;>
start with ET allstars 3 now and collect demos as well! :>
he is shit anyway
thanks for backing me up.
go & take cashy demos!
Best of luck mate!
Every1 wants to make community movie now :S
I wanted to make one @ summer but now I see that there won't be many demos left :<
I didnt really want to make one, but after I got almost 30 guys asking for a movie, I decided to make all of them happy :P
good moviemaker!"
gl, great moviemaker! :)
I always thought you were xeoxis, huh

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