peehoo avi

-Rifle palyer
-Med/++++++++++++++++ :))))
-going to lans to own ppl
-loves vodka and beer
-old and senile

what i want from team:
-no homos, whiners, kids or retards
-able to do and make some tax


pmme here or in quakenet.
you aren't allowed to say anything about that xD
best of luck old shit :)
gl peehoo :D
goooooooodlcuk brother!
ahaha med/+ maybe when you smoked some weed or so. X:d
not med/++++^^
gl peehoo, decent rifle
gl peehoo !
great old man, great rifleshots, great drinker, best of luck man <3
hohoho peehooo woot happened bro xD
damn why aitn u an smg playah xD id take you n never let u go xD
funny guy..imposible not to love this m8
has brains n creativity for rifles..

take him!!
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