Brink coming to Cyber Sports Network

Brink event announced with over $2,000 in prizes!
shit filters dont work
Hope its a lot over 2000
There will be a series of tournaments first one is 300$ and you only have to go to ESL to find there probably going to be some kind of comp there as well
Brink = ET with better graphic thats it
bit more than that :)

orgs will be more interested in brink then they ever were with ET, LAN events will also. ET going to 5on5 was a big thing for ET in terms of giving it a chance but the fact it was a free release always had it on the backfoot.
brink prac next week!?!
Quotea 32 team single elimination bracket tournament with $300 USD for the winner

fuck that.
well there is a series of cups good example of these is the SC2 and LoL touraments hosted by ESL where each one is about 200 euros I think but there's one each week or each month or something like that so should expect to see more touraments. Personally I think this would be much better than see 1 big tourament just where someone wins and the game dies like wolfenstien for example. you probbaly will see alot of brink touraments on ESL are well as they are making quite a few articles and other such videos on there website
dunno what tldr means
too long; didnt read
invalid argument
not trying to argue
Reminds me of that NA Wolfenstein Cup, no thanks
Just give dignitas the money today!
no, just give it to Night!
There will be more $ to come :)
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