fucking spammer
we all @ cf know why they keep calling quakewars enemyterritory its because enemy territory is awesome and quake wars is nearly close to a virus

brink is starting to smell bad news
u gonna buy brink?
will need a new computer for that :-/ but eventually i'll buy it!
open your eyes for gods sake
shit filters dont work
QuoteFrom the makers of

age of empires
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dragon age
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quake – enemy territory
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Wait, what? was their first project. Since then, the domain seems to be some shoddy parking place.
we all wonder why
has anyone actually pre ordered this. I might order my copy today £24.99 seems like a fair price. Just dont want to go out buying this game and no one else does like wolfenstein :D
yea, pre-ordered it, seems the be the cheapest place to order so far (got to love free shipping from the uk xD...yes it costs 50€ about anywhere else)
how much did you order for? on £24.99
something like that, but just checked, it's now 23.99 on

ok they automatically lower the sum for your preorder, after you ordered :P
pre-ordered at the price of 37,9€ in Finland
brink is a quite nice game tbh, and its nearly the same as et, classes etc are all the same, except the fops missing (freaking rassists :D)

but i enjoyed playing it tbh! but it was an xbox 360, which made it hard
so you played it already huh
yes i did :D

on tuesday, invite only and stuff :D

leak more infos :L
well as i said, it was on xbox 360, which made it kinda hard to aim and stuff, but i think the game can be a really good one if they push it :D

but on the other hand, i talked about it with tites, and he had a point, cause the q3 engine makes et and his movement possibilities outstanding, thats why et players wont go for brink, atleast not that many

but maybe the new movement system in brink (called "smart" (smooth movement at random terrain or something)) might be good, hard to judge after 45mins of playing on console, when ure a pc gamer :D

give it a try, coming out in 8 days, so just try :D i will!
sounds cool enuff..saw smart thingy on vids.....gotta try some day if it comes out :)
are there ironsights?
how many bullets do you need to put in your enemy to kill him?
there was a walkthrough vid where they said that ironsight use is not a can kill an opponent from a hip , cant find url atm tho

and any game at this time got an ironsight.
ye there is the possibility to "zoom in" aka there are ironsights

but as the other guy said, u can kill people w/o

i didnt put on the headset, so i cant tell u, how many u need, and ye as i said, aiming is hard with xbox when coming from computer -.-

i just fired all i got, and hoped i hit :D just like in et my haters gonna say :D
well, lets hope you dont need one scoped hit and it might work "decent".
nono, well i used this zooming function many times, u need more than one hit, u need same amount, or maybe one/two bullets less max

but as i said, had no sounds, cuz i didnt take headset, to hear the guys around me :D
brb, getting some care
GreasedScotsman and Mattc0m ARE working with SD and running BrinkTV!
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