Brink Gameplay

the first gameplay vid, where the player isnt just awful.

the only concern i have that bots are really bad so people feel like gods in SP but as soon they enter MP, they get their asses handed to them.
ironsight sucks but the movement looks nice
doesnt look like the spread changes when using the ironsight tbh
easily detachable imo

but movement looks really great
looks kinda weird
make brinkpromod and disable ironsights
LOL, another fail game that they promised would be a follow on for the ET community. Basically CoD style gameplay, with a twist of Borderlands and XIII in a 'competitive game'. It's too much based on public play... there will be a mod but it will be way too late.
"follow on for the ET community"


also it looks NOTHING like cod
Agree. It reminds me of a mix of CoD, TF2 & Borderlands. I can't really see anything which reminds me of ET in there at all. It's a shame really, all I think a mod would do would be seperate the community.
Classes & objectives spring to mind, but point taken on some of it.
Yeah I know what you mean, but they seem to remind me of the dreaded ETQW. I'm definitley going to try it out, hopefully it plays better than it looks :)
Other than Ironsight... What on earth does this share with COD gameplay?
I think he means the movement (general movement not the SMART stuff) the health regen when you take cover for a while, the perceived weight of the player (seems rather slow) & the way gunfights seem to be similar to COD, not the speed of something like quake or ET. But I suppose it's hard to tell the full extent through a video.
You should really take another look then :\
What's incorrect?
The way you are trying to tell people it's similar to COD gamestyle. The movement is differnt, game modes are different, granades are different... infact, as I have perviously stated, the only thing the same as cod is the Ironsights.

It's like comparing ET to CS because they DONT use ironsights... completely stupid :\
So you're saying the movement during gunfights isn't similar to CoD? Health regen which is in CoD & also in brink isn't similar? It's not just about ironsights. It just seems rather slow for me & I class the slow paced games in the same category.
The gun fights are NOTHING like COD. In cod you slow down when scoped. You dont in brink. In COD it's far harder to not use ironsights but in brink it's easy.

Again, because CS is "fast paced" and also DOESN'T have health regen you would say they are teh same game play? I really am struggling to see your logic.
So you think it's more similar to quake & ET? Fast movement, strafe jumping, emphasis on tracking and prediction? Or more similar to CoD? I don't understand how you can think it bares no resemblance to the slow paced games such as CoD & BFBC - apart from the ironsights. It may be slightly faster than CoD but it doesn't look like a very fast paced game. I suppose the best comparison would be ETQW then.
I would say it had aspects from lots of different games. But to compare it just to the 1 game is very narrow minded. But then again I am on crossfire with very narrow minded people.
No it's just you being bored n shit on ppl that give a comparison on oh just one game..what if he stated 2 games it would satisfy you? really dude plus he clearly stated that ofc it cannot be said for sure seeing the game just on vid. So enlighten me..who is narrow minded here ? damn trolls xD
You are... don't fuckign reply to me either your a retard.
pre-judging people...randomly insulting people..

What if i actualy was "retarded" would you feel victorious n shine in all your glory? Is this a community where clear randoms like me cannot reply to such an awesome guys like you? Are ppl not allowed to have their own opinions and beliefs?

Since you cannot cope with a simple subjective belief of another person and have to shit on their opinion like yours is the only right opinion/fact there is...well sir call me a retard, stupid, idiot or whatever you wish but my beliefs on these facts are that it makes you the one who is narrow minded :)
Quote by PokemonJohn It reminds me of a mix of CoD, TF2 & Borderlands.
Think we can start to shake hands with alot of TF2 players

e: Also looking forward to see objective runs if there will be such in a a year or two, i sense epicness
+1 bout the docruns
anybody knows whether you can sprint and shoot at the same time?
I'm 80% sure you can shoot not only whilst sprinting, but whilst doing the wall jumps etc.
The XHAIR disappears when jumping walls, so I guess not.
Hopefully you can, sounds like there is a small amount of time where you can't though

'As far as possible, your ability to aim and shoot guns is uninterrupted. If you vault while reloading your weapon, the reload process continues from where it left off, rather than being "cancelled." Moves are short, or interruptible, minimizing the time spent waiting around for an animation to relinquish full control of your avatar.'
when hes sprinting he stuffs the gun away, but the crosshair is still there so i dont know
didnt see him sprinting and shooting at the same time

but he was shooting while sliding on the floor tho
There might be a server-side option for that, as they've hinted that a lot of stuff of the sort can be customized with server cvars. Also can probably be very easily fixed by mods if necessary. Not shooting while sprinting sucks.
Yeh, I believe there are a few things that can be changed by server-side variables, which is good as it could potentially offer some more competitive options for clan servers. Either that or they have backtracked on one or two features.
Actually looking forward to this. As long as there is a community this could be a good public game if nothing else.
might order it, looks like it could be fun. Visibility doesnt seem that good, and the models are all too similar :D
I ordered it :$.
I didn't order it...but N3gat1ve bought it for me. ;)

Also, I only have to wait 36 hours to play. How's it feel to be you're-a-pee-in?
Honestly, couldn't care less, sorry bro. I can't play it until next weekend anyway, and I can cancel my pre-order after some opinions come out from the USA scene.
I'll just make sure you hear all the good opinions, if only to spite you.
I ordered it to. :)
some elements looks really good, others ruins the game totally.

iron sights, constant objective/hint markers, cramped maps, damage feedback, ugly models, recoil, weird explosives, bad score/damage popups, ETQW healthbars, ammunition, firerate and unbalanced spread.

iirc they said ironsight would be serverside so you can remove it if you want and if you look at the vid, spread doesnt seem to change that much while using ironsight...

+ dont forget that you will be able to tweak a config on pc so you can probably remove some shit stuff like hint/obj markers.
Imagine the health and objective indicators would be disabled for competition anyways.
They are not for COD, TF and they were not for wolfenstein 2009.
Seeing what came to be, after all these quake and wolf community marketing research projects, I would not be so sure about that.
My mention of spread was more directed towards the comparison of different guns and mountables.

Some of the hint markers provides an unwanted beneficial ease, interactive quality towards solitary discovery is the definition of game.
looks unrealistic
ET is realistic
ET is godlike
wtf, 2004 is back?
Looks great .
Might be an alright game for casuals on XBLA but for Crossfire and the ET community it looks like total shit.

Absolute shit.
ET is also total shit in it's Vanilla state.
... *sigh* ...

... yes, there were plenty of aspects of vanilla ET that were shit, such as 32 vs. 32 XP save Fueldump only servers, mortars, MGs, level 4 Fops - but these are all features which were modded out for the benefit of competitive play. The core gameplay: movement, spread, bullet damage are why we're all still playing in 2011.

What I see of Brink, I don't like. I don't like how the movement looks, I don't like how the shooting/aiming looks and I don't like the art design.

So, again. Absolute shit.
In terms of it being the 'next ET', and in terms of it being for the majority of crossfire users, I completely agree.

However, I'm definitely going to give it a chance as it looks like it could be fun (in the same sense that I enjoy the occasional CoD4/CSS game).

If people are expecting this to be the new and updated ET, then they will be surprised methinks.
It's still played on a console. Waiting for the first PC gameplay videos (or at least ones played with mouse) before judging it might be wise - although I'll probably buy it anyways.

Do note that while it might resemble CoDs and such in some aspects at a first glance, it still lacks most of the nuincanses of the Call of Duty series and has many good parts from ET. Things like regenerating health, instant kill knives that can be used with a press of a button (ie. aren't a separate weapon) and ridicilous recoil seems to be gone, and there's goodiness like objective-based gameplay, medic system, good hipfire accuracy (judging by the vid) and various classes.

I hope that the game shows potential when played on PC, because I still haven't seen a single gameplay video not made on a console. Which sucks and is really dumb.
id rather play cod4
pff not going to buy it.
pff not going to buy it.
pff not going to buy it.
richard im disappoint.
hmm looks alright.. might give it a try!
looks shit
Hopefully I can get my pc to run it, but I wont buy it if there aint going to be a promod released for the game

Looks a bit like Bulletstorm imo
pufff im not gonna say that it can't be a good game but it doesnt match ET in anything
why should it?
will there also be a MP of it? if yes, which format?
prefer wait promod :)

but i think its a nice game :)
haha , shit as exspected ... has nothing to do with ET ... 4-7 weeks fun max. like ETQW gg
TRUE TALK... doesn't anyone remember the talks that one of the BRINK employee's had with all the members here? I recall them saying they want to take the best bits from ET and put it into this game... can't see shit from ET lol.
Cod like, duels are SLOW & stuck
When will it be released on PC in europe ? :)
Honestly i don't understand why are u bitching soo much.

Correct me if i am wrong, but is there any TRUE class based fps game since ET ?

! NO !

Team fortress is a joke. Do you have classes in the game? YES. Do you need a SPECIFIED class to win the map? NO.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the same shit like above. You have classes, they work in the very similar way like in ET. But, do you need a SPECIFIED class to win the map? Unfortunately, you don't.

What i deeply miss since ET is the true teamwork, classes working together because they need to. I hope that Brink will finally fulfill my need. Personally i don't care if i have to play a game that looks very like COD.

Ohh, a sidenote: health regeneration in fps games was "invited" by HALO 2.
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