Graphic card settings

since I bought a new computer sometime ago I think my cfg could use an update. So can anyone help me with the graphic settings of my config. I don't want ET to be a beauty but more smooth, like that the edge arn't ugly lines but just bend. I hope you guys do understand what I mean.

Specs are
i5 2500k OC'd 4.5 GHz
4 gb ram
GTX 560 Ti

You I also edit something in the Nvidia control panel? Like:
Anisotropic filtering
Texture filtering?
Triple buffering?
Vertical sync?

turn on AA if u want smooth edges (4x is enough)
Anisotropic ...

let everything else normal in the penal and just fix it in the games
don't do anything
smooth yeah i know what u mean i have the same problem, influence on this have any other things like mouse rate r_displayrefresh ( monitor refresh ) and good selection between monitor refresh and com_maxfps 75;125, also if u want that in nvidia control panel change prerendered frames or install older drivers for graphic card also sometimes help.

sorry for my english i just wanna help don't kill me !!! ;( :[)
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