Free Brink Gameserver

Hello, Guys!

I am able to host serveral private Brink servers, i will give one away here or perhaps more on CF tommorow.

What you will get:
16 slots brink private server
Hosted in NL
admin and rcon
And i will make custom config with cvars i think that are good now atm. But i will update the server config if there is more information how the game will be played in comp.
Mumble/TS3 channel if you want.
Wanna check ping? ping

idle with a few in my channel #hyperion-gaming
stable team in a previous game
And a nice story why you want it.

Send me a pm here on cf and i will contact the team who is lucky tommorow. Don't contact me on irc.
my dream is to play brink but my pc can't handle it, so I want to play somehow, but I don't want to get raped so I'll play on my own private server(urs).

cool story ?
the speccs aren't that hard, I got the game already...
I played with the game, but my can't, and won't handle it.
Don't forget that the engine is locked at 30fps @ Single player, you will get lot more fps in MP.
I played it on someone else's pc, since with my pc(3.00singlecore, 128mb vga, 1.5gb ram) i wouldn't even try it
brink is having some graphic card issues especially with ATI
update ur card
Overload after lan (:
g5! Stable for 7 years.

Because were g5. Our reputation precedes us. You either put up, or shut the fuck up. Boom.
tested and its shit :D ugly game :C
send me a pm.
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