Brink - Language switch

Hi guys!
I've bought Brink today in a store and installed it.
Now I would like to change my language from German to English.

How to?
Where to define the language in the steam stuff?

Steam is confusing for me since I'm using it the first time. :S
you can change the language of the steam client, this will change the ingame language as well (in css, hl2, l4d... dunno if its the same with brink)
It's downloading something now.
Seems that that will work. :)
thx :D
maybe the english soundpack :o
sound also ( in game sound, voice )
brink also changes the ingame sounds to other languages?
like css etc,

heard french voice on some video if i remember right
seta sys_lang "english"
stop this stupid brink post!
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