r_mode help...

Hello readers, i have a problem on my new monitor.

Bought a 20' hp monitor, but on conventional resolutions on game (r_mode 4[800x600], 6[1024x768]) the whole game looks a lot FAT to me, all players looks short and fat and consequently makes it a lot harder to aim at.

I can solve this, by setting r_mode to -1 and r_customheight/width 1600/900 ...

but like that my fps drops from 125 to 30...

... so if any1 knows how to play with screen not stretched and fat (like with r_mode -1) in low resolutions, i would be a lot gratefull.

Cheers ;)
put higher fov,


( was playing with fov 90 with 19", and then fov 100 @ 22" )
the higher the fov the worse and fatter it looks ;p. i actually have to use around 90 so players doesnt look that fat :x but i dont actually like that much low fov
no you are wrong, fov 90 = like a zoom, big ppl :D

fov 120, nothing big, nice to aim
the problem is not about being close or far, is about players looking short and fat... i can post 2 screenshots in both different resolutions (r_mode -1 / 6) so you can see what i mean :p

Just set a 16:9 custom resolution low enough to achieve the desired fps.
E.g. 1280x720
Thanks! You made my day :p cheers bro
will start doing this now.. thanks for helping me! Kola
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