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Quote by nickWe proudly announce that we will start a European Brink Championship, the day this new title will be released! €15.000 are waiting für Europe's best teams! The big final will take place in August 2011, at the Gamescom in Cologne. Prepare for the battle now and maybe you will be on the stage while about 2 million people are watching you, at the world's biggest fair for interactive games!
Brink is the brand new post apocalyptic tactic shooter by Bethesda! It will be released May 13th 2011. On the day of the release we will start several opening cups, release cups in different modes and of course the Brink Championship with €15.000 prize money. Celebrate BRINK with us in this firework of fun events and serious challenges!

BRINK has been getting lots of attention right from the start. This shooter truly has potential and deserves every second that we spend on it, figuring out cups that will be your taste in this balanced FPS and the rules that we will need so you can enjoy the tournaments at the fullest. Several national and European cups will be open for the BRINK teams that you'll form before the release and in the first days after it.

Qualify for the playoffs in our European Championship and play your final at Gamescom 2011. Thousands of people will be watching live, sitting in front of the biggest stage western eSports has ever seen. Your match broadcast in more than 30 languages, followed by about 4 million people? That is something for people who want to prove that they can master a new shooter in a short period of time, the challenge is on! We are sure that this kind of new challenge was what many of you were only waiting for.
holy fuck. 15.000€.

I gotta try it out
KRP gonna roll brink ?
scam. ESL better pay the prize money due from other competitions first :(
+1 on that last part
"Waste of money it will be dead in 1 month"

owhh the surprise
all i can say is f****k me.

hope we get a good ET team go for this
stop this stupid brink post!
stop your stupid comments!
gl dignitas
Teams who belong to the top please contact me via private message!
Start practicing :)
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