memory usage problem


sometimes when i launch image-et, brink (cant even play brink lol) or some programs, i have an error message:
"memory cant be read 0x000000 blabla"

i googled and i only found that i have to set higher virtual memory etc, so i did it

image: 1120056282

but i still have that error message, cant find the solution @ google,

if you know how to fix please,


image: bd20110514
image: tumblr_ll4clv6LDn1qcqm74o1_500
image: bd20110513
image: 179-playmate-blonde-sexy-13-05-2011

ps: inb4 format 8)
format C:\
The programs are trying to access memory location 0, which it definitely can't do, don't really know whats fucked up that would cause that but its funny :DD
corrupted RAM, get new sticks.
i think ram are okay, windows problem as usual..
I'd change, "Adjust for best performance of:" to Programs for a start, you dont need to have it set at background services.

I have my initial and max at the same size too, (9213mb)
i dont have at background services :O

gonna try ur size for both, and reinstalling the game also
le france progamister
run memtest
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