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Yo guys we now have our public brink server running! If you want to come join us and play join our 16 slot UK server

Some people we play with:
United KingdomPotty
United Kingdomant1y
United KingdomFumble
United Kingdomdharky
United KingdomDememnted
United KingdomJonO
United KingdomMark
United KingdomMiXer
Netherlands StrykY
We also currently have a 15 slot ts3 server for inter wars and public play!

Come join play at our server and join us on ts3.
IRC: #team-fragment
I'll be there!!
so how can I add servers to the favorite list? :S
Not to sure yet fella.
Was playing a few internal 4on4s + 5on5s today. Pretty good fun!

We have public + priv server we use. PMme or just join if you fancy joining in :)

PS: Team chan is #team-fragment thats where we all are right now.
Shit game is shit game x .
im gonna buy it tomorrow or day after tomorrow, dont care if i have to play with 20 fps, i got used to it with my old pc so np. So gonna check it out :)
I pre-odered Brink...from UK. Still 2weeks :--))
guys really, i still try to resist this brink...

United Kingdom PHOTOSYNTHESIS missing
did you get it?
buying it this tuesday when i get my paycheck :PP

played the cracked though and i like it alot :)
Can´t play it for a free? :> (Student life)
ofc you can :)
search on google :D
pro gamers here
owned by CoD owners
was they from cod? we got pwned so hard :D nerds must be max level already :P
dunno. guess so.
some random guys we wared against. They was sick:P
hope youre not talking bout us :o

nice bunch of players, looking forward to play you again :)
nah was another bunch mate, both of you guys were good:)
Gonna see ya in server.
Made Multikill today
Gnna buy it when the promod comes on :D
Anyone get random sound outages in Brink?
Happens when? Grenades are supposed to do that, for example - it's "realism" in modern games, we used to call those "bugs"
no everyone on the server had no sound for most of a map
yeah mate, on one of the maps cant remember the name my sound just dies, also not sure if its a bug or its meant to be like this but my volume seems very low the suddenly It goes loud:S
Yup just worked out its map specific :`(
isnot that during the map with plane?
i get that bug too least some sounds dont seem to be played properly and then they just miss.

i also got 2 other bugs: sometimes the models of other players seem to be completely invisible and if i go ingame while i have ts3 running, the volume of ts3 goes down, so i cant understand what my mates are saying (could also be a setting related thing, but i dont know how to get rid of it :( )
u forgot my name up there !
hope demented is drunk when he plays there = more fun for the others ^^
might come around :)
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