free brink server

Hello, Guys!

I am able to host serveral private Brink servers, i will give one away here.

What you will get:
16 slots brink private server
Hosted in NL
admin and rcon
server config made for comp, you can adjust it to your needs.
Mumble/TS3 channel if you want.
Wanna check ping? public server = or ping

idle with a few in my channel #hyperion-gaming
stable or known team in a previous game
And a nice story why you want it.

Send me a pm here on cf and i will contact the team who is lucky. Don't contact me on irc.
is there a linux server client?
they confirmed that.
Give it to your friends at fragment! :D
Give it to your dutch friend Mitwak :)
Give it to your dutch friend PHOTOSYNTHESIS :)
#gZilla would like it

EMS Autumn 6th League
[Did not place] EMS Winter 3rd League

[10:26] * Topic is ' ::: Home of FRO - ::: "Brink has been Pre-Loaded, you may now play the game on it's official release date" BOOM!!.."MERL/OWZO/MEXX/CRMBS/DUSTY/MLMN PRE-LOADED!! ::: Chile game Sunday 15th 21CET'
I'd like to add a few choice words to this, if I may.

A few years ago an promising young tank of an Indian man moved to England, with nothing but a Eastpak rucksack over his shoulder, and a smile from ear to ear. This fine, softly spoken young gentleman found the RTCW scene (after he stopped liking Left4Dead, the logical predecessor for RTCW players) and never looked back. An empirically perfect combination of good natured banter on IRC and vent, and rapidly improving teamwork skills led this absolute lion of a man to swiftly forge an unforgettable name for him self in the thriving, vibrant RTCW community. A happy ending I hear you clamour? Nay.

On the appropriately sinister Friday the 13th of May 2011, this RTCW warrior's dreams took a turn for the worse and were all but dashed when to a man, every single one of his friends at #gZilla abandoned him as they migrated to the new found elixir of the gods; Brink.

We at #gZilla have toiled together, with help from friends and family, to scrape together the £29.99 to buy this beastly, visual feast from the east a copy of the game, but this has left us with no funds to purchase a professional gaming server of greatness, and this is where you, and only you, can help us, Zenix. Give #gZilla your server and you will indirectly save this blue t-shirted enigma from an agonising death getting spawnkilled on #ALLSTARS SHRUB MOD SERVER by Bas!lou from PARIS for eternity. The end.
This is very emotional and heart touching Dusty. :)
#g5 Will have it!


BRINK: United KingdomWakizashiuk United KingdomSkydeh United KingdomGoso United KingdomJMZ BelgiumKevin BelgiumSneeK NorwaySnuble

Server crashed before we could finish dignitas roll

image: g5vsdignitas
watch out , blackmanee will ragequit if you own him too hard !
reload seems fucking shit:DDDD what a noob:P
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