Wanted: experienced Player for Brink eSport Team

Gamingpalace.de is creating an eSport team and searches some GERMAN good experienced players.

image: gp_team_klein

What do we expect:

- Age: 18+
- Trainings: 2-3 times a week
- Reliability: being at time
- Experience: experience in eSport (ESL, Clanbase, ...)
- Level: Med - Highskill
- Accessories: IRC, Teamspeak 3, Headset

What do we offer:

- Gameserver (as soon as linux serverfiles are released)
- Teamspeak 3 server
- participating leagues
- fine atmosphere between each other
- ESL (European Sports League) partnership
- Support

We are hiring about 3-5 players.

Apply by our forum or by PM.
i play brink since 4 years now, would say im quite experienced in it! /q
ESL partnership is gold, gl hf
Cool accessories.
Good Luck in hiring some players :)))
game out less than a week k.
measurable by other shooters similar to Brink.
not rlly, its a new game, everything is there out to be discovered with time, ofc there will be people better than other (talent?, experience in other games etc as u say) still not gonna be "med-high" lol , only with time there will be such players , atm not, just cuz people is ashamed to say its low on a new game.
so, what's your suggestion?
3rd day of Brink and looking for an experience player?

lol... I could be high at ET but I could be low+ at Brink... you need tactics and map knowledge... which takes months...
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