StrykY avi

Hey guys !

I am looking for a team to play brink with.
Basicly looking for a team that wants to attend all cups etc. including the ESL one.
So here goes :

- 21 Years old
- Dutch
- Mature
- Skilled (for as far as u can be in the game jet.)
- active : monday,theusday,wensday,thursday,sunday
- LANable.

- Mature
- Skilled
- Serious
- Active
- Able to play ESL cup + if we can make it through qualifiers it would be nice if u can go to the LAN aswel:)
nice guy, nice player take him!
Gl StrkY,
great player with a good attitude! (:
thnx guys! really hope to speak potty today but my try-out lolz:D
asmo with who are u playing?
I got contacted the other night by that j52 guy laime or smth! LOLz!
aah with the g5 lads nice!
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