celeritas need 1

we just recently entered the Brink World from another game and since one of our players disliked the game were looking for a new player. Our team is playing together since 3 years already with the same players. Some went inactive for a time due commitments and came back later, but i guess you can call us quite stable. We played Day of Defeat: Source on the highest Level, won the EMS twice, placed second once and won all 4 Lanevents we entered during that time. That ofcourse doesnt transist into sick Brink skill right away, but we know what it takes to become a good team over time. And that is also the endgoal for our Team.

Our team consists of:

Germany foorcr
Belgium souL
Sweden nkr
Spain kalinka
Germany micHiiii

What we are looking for:

A mature guy willing to put some time and effort into playing. You should be willing to stick with us in the long run and dont quit right away if things dont work out right away. Also you should be able to speak decent english and participate in the teamlife even outside of the game. If you arent able to go on LANs or demanding heavy funding for it, just dont bother applying. Having ET experience at a good level would be a huge plus, but its not mandatory as long as the chemistry fits.

You can find me in IRC (#zP!) under either the name celeritas|micHi or zP|micHiiii but to make things easier id prefer a pm over this site.

Looking forward to hear from you :)
nice post, would be avi but guess i m too bad ;D

noone is too bad, i mean noone of us has et experience. as long as youre willing to improve and grow with us just give it a try.
we dont bite :)
Good luck on your search, hope you find one.
thanks to everyone applying, sorry we didnt had the time to test everyone. we found what we were looking for.
good luck to everyone on their searches, looking forward to play you :)
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