fdnl-black for teh win

After recruiting some nice peeps, fdnl-black finaly got his team together.

We think we got a nice team, which can and will compete on a higher level.

fdnl-black is at the moment aiming on CB and WL cups and we play 3on3 europe for fun.

New team:
Netherlands atothek (dHb, FAC, inC)
Netherlands Efax (Morrigu)
Netherlands Fates (Positive Reflection, Promethia, dtk, team-Bodyshot)
Netherlands fets (ubb, S&G, o1, dtk, dos, routiniers)
Belgium Fex (u7, SCC, dtk)
Netherlands horu$ (Rewind, tm, fdnl, team NL)
Netherlands n1cegenocide (Promethia and some other shit clans)
Belgium Sile (FSS, tm, zerobarrier, SyKotiC)
Netherlands u4ea (fdnl)

Netherlands Ronner (dHb, team NL)
Netherlands intimidate (fdnl)

Netherlands xizu

Team leader:
Netherlands u4ea

War arranger:
Netherlands atothek

Visit us #fdnl.et @ Quakenet and support, thx
gl horus you are nice player!
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