gungy avi for brink

since i m enjoying the game so far i would be up to play it in some wars. no idea bout skill or anything like that, i just dont want to play with total retards.

pm me in !
gl gungy! ;-)


Nein! :D
gl gungy aka next scatman :D
gl Gungy!
gl gungy aka next scatman :D
AVI for team with you and almighty PolandAM1G0 when he finally gets the game
O My God :<<
gl gungy!
lets make a team
lol, u so desperate :D
he isnt avi anymore, he decided to play on ET.

e: and he cheats in brink.
11:40 @gungy´yummy - that cf-brink-post was just a joke
11:40 @gungy´yummy - i really dont want to do anything else than play ET with you guys
11:40 @gungy´yummy - and girl
11:41 @gungy´yummy - wienerschnitzel kaput, tjahahahaa!
Gungy! GL!
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