brink high detail cfg

image: brink_logo

Topic says it all, Would appreciate if you guys could help me by posting you're cfg's and maybe some screenshot's thx
use brinkit or brink tools (or smth)
ask simoon
/q FEiS or /q xkl
guess ur the first asking for a high detail cfg instead of a high fps cfg
I dont get fp's lagz
my profile!
lol spoiled little slag!
Nah i work hard for my beast of a compy ;D
in my profile, both high quality brink cfg and high FPS brink cfg, enjoy.
Get the fuck out with that shit ass game
if you don't like it why bother looking at the topic?
7 of 10 Topics are about Brink... and some ppl cant even run it.
and some guys still post random topics about it. Not hatin on you btw, we cool bro
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