eLLTee avi for brink

Looking for an active team.

About me,
Not played FPS games for 4 years.
but played for 11/12 years before I went to WoW.
Im wrong side of 30, and a grumpy old git.
Games played at med lvl or better, Q2, KP, Q3, SOF1, RTCW, ET, FEAR.

About You,
UK or euro based.
English speaking.
Playing brink 4days + a week.
Looking to scrim regular.

If you want more info, find me on irc - eLLTee
gl, find me on steam: tacnhezooo
bring back point i say must be three or four hundred old guys from there who moved on to brink by now!
Oldest schoolest UK RTCW player still around.

i remember you, was quite good in RTCW yeah, maybe i will join you guys in brink when i buy a proper PC which can handle the kankergame,

good luck! :)
amina koydum
TurkeyKolay gelsin (:
kafana sicarim ha
azina sicarim lan
okay adres ver
i dont know what you're saying anyway i'm just saying the words i know :DD

sikter git
Best of luck in the clan search! Great addition to any team, taught me all i know :D
WoW is so 2005 ...
Good luck old chap!
Do you come with your own colostomy bag ye old bastid?! :D
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