brink headshots

Since quake wars, i cant make the headshots with this id tech 4...

Its clear i dont know how to and it sounds a simple thing (u would say just aim to the head) but i guess it isnt so simple.

for example in rtcw, i used to shoot some centimeters over the helmet to easily make the headshots.
But in brink i cant, they look SO RANDOM and it pisses me off so bad.

I also noticed that there are several persons that can easily make them : bam bam, 2 shots am down.

Please is there a trick or something like in rtcw? where the hell do i have to shoot?

I miss my head shots

really :|
wat you headsot
/q FPS`Doug
I have the same problem, but i still shoot around hs 30 -_0
Random? mmm, NO.
use burst fire
would be nice if you could see how many HS you have in brink or even how many kills... I hope they patch it.
move to finland/pl
guns loaded with pasta dont work :|
sometimes i feel like it really depends form the connection / server
yup in case of lagging you wont hit anything.
I feel the same , need a ding ding sound for them :)
The spread is pretty atrocious, especially if you don't use burstfire. Just aim for the upper chest area.
Hoping for a promod that would lower the spread and/or the RoF of every weapon, basically. A patch would work too.

The game's pretty unfinished to be honest, but so are most games today and so was ET so I won't judge.
YES THE GAME LOOKS LIKE A BETA and we paid for it

they said they wouldnt release a demo, probably cause a demo is a stage too advanced for this game :)
izi solution, play et.
i see what you did there :o
no thank you


in fact this isnt et forum ::did u notice?
what do i care?!? :D:;X;D::D:X:D::DGD:D:X:D:DDDD LULZ
you can turn off spread using server side cvars (as well as recoil) but then it makes some weapons even more OP.
Kross SMG anyone ? :p
Since you fire in cone shape, you also need to have a bit of luck to get headshots. This is completely different as in ET. The more accurate your weapon is, the smaller the cone will be
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