Hey fellas.

Been trying out statwhore.jar (ever since gamestv started using it), but apparently i can't get it to work.

i've located the problem being, that my ET doesn't create / update the etconsole.log

ive tried seta logfile 2 and 1 (also ive added the lines required for statwhore in my cfg)

ive also tried deleting the current etconsole.log, but then he doesn't remake one.

anything special i need to do to make sure ET makes a etconsole.log ??


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windows 7 ultimate 64bit

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sounds to me like a permission problem.

I dont like the 'run as admin' solution although it should work.
I prefer running ET from your user folder. should fix it

e: both should work
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the box of, run as administrator is alrdy checked, maybe, running in compatibility??

running from user folder? explain.
from xp, i was used to install everything to the programms folder. since this belongs now to the system and is admin only, you have to be admin to run an executable when the dot-exe is located or if files are read and written.

so if you install ET in your User folder, you shold not have such problems, because you run as User and all files are located in a place, that belongs to you.
yea but if you run as administrator it should be the same thing, without having to reinstall.

any other idea's?? :D
i have the same os like you and I had no troubles since :) but yeah, i dont have statwhore atm.

and tbh, a reinstall of ET takes 5 mins :D
Yea never had troubles with ET also, but we just started a new scrimming team, and i thought it would be fun to see all kinds of stats.

the installation of ET in the user map would be kinda useless as the run as administrator does the same thing :)

Anyone with statwhore experience that knows this problem???
i am at work, but since i find statwhore also interesting, i will try to install and set it up this afternoon :)
i'm at work aswell, will try some new stuff tonight. Let me know if it works!
g_logfile or sth similar
g_logfile was client.log, but ive alrdy tried changing it to etconsole.log

no change
seta cg_drawNotifyText "1"
seta cg_textNotify "1"
seta g_logSync "0"
seta g_log ""
seta logfile "2"

this is the cmd to add on ur cfg
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maybe its somthing with ur homepath or basepath
etconsole is created on etmain folder, if thats still the wrong, try the etconsole from etpro folder if there is one. ( here its generated on etmain folder, then i move it to etpro folder where i have my gravystats files )
pakis probably did it
logfile "2"
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