ant1y avi

Well I am looking for a decent 5v5/3v3 team for upcoming cups/ladders tournaments w.e

Must be decent guys.
slac users.
Up for a laugh.
Prac few times a week (5v5)

SLAC User Profile - ant1y (00000221)
around medish.
Can play medic/(fop depending on maps.)
I can play 3-4 days a week.
Looking for a backup spot, maybe more depends on times you need me as I have lost the fun of playing all the time now.

/q me on irc ant1y/antOFF or pm here

image: 20iyoi0
you not rolling with g5???
I was only with them on brink I guess but I havnt really been active lately so I dont know whats happening.
i swear i have this girl on my friends list at face book!
google images :random chick

im dead serious her name is Anna Berman.
hahaha yeah just found her on facebook :D
thats just plain weird
i know a random chick.

now thats an Achievement!
gold pokal for you
gl ant1ym8
Got tired of Brink already? :)) Both games are fucked and dead, true story.
just dont play any games much lately. If I do anything its been single player games, I dont really enjoy multiplayer much now.
Got tired of Brink already? :))
yee,Brink dead yet ;p
well its a great game, i played it the first few days Then I got bored of gaming really. I mean I some how stopped playing ET and brink:P thats why im looking backup spot really not interested in full time gaming now.
gl scouser m8
gl ant1y!
gl nub :)
gl mate :)
can be backup for coluksa :>

gl scouser
gl ant1y m8 :D! if u want u can join my ubber skilled team #uberskilledlowragul 8-D
gl mixman :-)
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