4 sF members busted!


First of all I like to thank u|k English for the help on making this bust possible.
sF`clan strikes again, Only this time its all 3 members together on u|k server.
They faked my name, each one.





//Guids And Ip's

Userinfo: \cg_etVersion\ET Pro, ET 2.60\cg_uinfo\108 0 100 1\g_password\none\cl_guid\E351AACBE123A6772A7ABB6F1EED5303\cl_wwwDownload\1\name\eT|Wolfe.\rate\25000\snaps\20\cl_anonymous\0\cl_punkbuster\1\

Userinfo: \cg_etVersion\ET Pro, ET 2.60\cg_uinfo\1260 0 100 1\g_password\none\password\war\cl_guid\757D8C6969806E5F221984B7D3D05881\cl_anonymous\0\name\eT|m00f\snaps\20\rate\25000\cl_wwwdownload\1\cl_punkbuster\1\

Userinfo: \cg_etVersion\ET Pro, ET 2.60\cg_uinfo\1134 0 100 1\g_password\none\cl_guid\1DD2D8AABC1AE116BD780672F64DD68F\cl_punkbuster\1\cl_wwwdownload\1\rate\25000\snaps\20\name\eT|Agrippa.\cl_anonymous\0\

//txt files



//Print Screens





Mattio/Flux is in storm force under the name *Sandra*
As you know hes a known hacker for the nC Team
Hes most probably sent the sF members the bot.
All kill spams are on the demo.

eT|Wolfe: your not only a twat faking my name and cheating
Aamir #storm-force: maybe
eT|Wolfe: yuor also a lieing twat
Aamir #storm-force: maybe
Aamir #storm-force: :P

Brad [the manager of storm force]
Aamir [Et leader]
rest [members]

Thank you
Wolfcam for ya
Wolf cam - you know what that is ;)
i know what wolfcam is , but i dunno whats the point replying with wolfcam to me if i say nice cfg
because it was the wolfcam cfg not mine
wolfcam has a cfg?
yeah .... the first et config
too bad your demo doesn't show that they are really sF
lol... look at the connecting names.. and the *renaming* then you'll see and also log files
post it on gamestv forum and plz stop uploading rapidshare omfg
why not rapidshare is kool

fast reply (!)

NOT, tard.
you idiots and your insults make me laugh :)
agrippa = total newb
hi mr i kill 5 ppl with pf on spawn
The cheatbusting cheater is back. For 1 last time with 1 last dream which has been tarnished away due to the fact that the crossfire.nu community still h8 him.
wat a nerd!
pitty you are on the demo cheating yourself, haha what a fag !
youre suck a morron
and whys that for busting cheaters? im a moron for busting cheaters? mmm ok then what ever sir
lol mitkä konffit!
lol ku oot kujalla
1. you said you were gonna quit ET so why u keep bothering putting bs about sF on the crossfire.nu website?
2. this evidence can be easily faked
3. you trying to make ppl here like u the only way to achieve such goal is to hang urself in ur room
4. your a cunt now fo
lmfao you think this is faked, your as dumb as i think
omg i knew it !!!!! bye bye Chaoz@haxx!!!

sF bu$t9riz3D
lol what a nerd ...seriously just kill urself rather tnan this crap
lol your the cheating nerd so what you saying prick
oi you stupid arsehole, i have just caught 3 cheaters in storm force, with help from u|k english, thats not a pointless topic you dumb twat, you just need to get a brain and fucking use it
ok u|k english and me caught them cheating, watch the demo synoptec dumbarse and why dont you read the logs if you CAN read, its all there, all proof, if you idiots cant see that then fuck off i made a bust, and its not because of them gays kicking me out there clan i couldnt care less, im caring about the et community, getting these bastards banned making you lot enjoy playing on et free of cheaters, and i done it for english, i aint having them idiots cheat on his server and get away with it
Please stfu.
Quotestop posting nerd
nick fakers? cant you see?
i'll tell you what why dont you connect to u|k server, and see if you can connect, because you wouldnt be able too since YOUR BANNED for hacking
like anyone cares about publics + you have no right to speak about hax as i say again look at your yawn.be plsss man grow up stop this crap ur the greatest hacker ever now u even giving #elite-jumpers a bad reputation man your not to be trusted close this stupid bs post ty pls + the evidence is fake-able so gg @ bust what it is not cuz its faked retarded mongoos =\
are you completely stupid or cant you see TYHIS is real you dumb shit, you're a disgrace, sf hacks! and you cant admit it, your a pathetic little dutch kid
+ you quote u wanna help us by getting all cheaters banned why did you cheat yourself?? if you wanna bust cheaters and blaat why you cheated yourself tell me that pls
get with the times, i cheated 3 monthes ago, the whole storm force cheated last night
ow and agrippa you go into our private IRC channel with name of members and u call us basterds and retards and any other insults whos the sad kid now YOU ARE


thats agrippa he had a dream he would be taller then 10 Centimeter now piss off ty :)
your a sick twisted bastard and i hop you get banned from here
i hope you get banned from here because you're trying to clean you'r name what so ever but its really fucking anoying we would like all be happy if you would /kill irl fag
your just a fucking fag aint you,x i aint done nothing wrong but make busts of hackers, thats what your supposed to do in the cheaters section you fucking retard
yes you did you hacked 1000x times and you still r denying it. bsuted is busted you cant clean youre name stupid cunt
o i hacked 1000 times, mhhh OK lol umm have you seen any pbss of me hacking? no because theres none what so ever, the only person who has busted me was last year, they made an avi of me using wolfcam, so pplease would you stfu and get proof i still *hack* because i dont, your just a nerd
m00f on 11/03/07, 17:16:49 PM | Reply

wow you hacked, so are you still denying it? you have been caught, face it!

this really made me lol THNX :DD
wooooo wtf agrippa u know urself i wasnt involved wotsoeva with woteva that was u asked me last night I DIDNT EVEN PLAY ET LAST NIGHT FFS I WAS ON WoW... why u trying to bring me into this..... such a kid i never play public nemore i onky ever play officials cause thats all i have time for the rest of the time im playin Command and Conquer generals or World of Warcraft.. call me what u like but dude why try and always bring me into anything.... if u vchecked the fucking pb guid its obviously not me and now im pissd off cause it means sum1 i know is usding my name and trying to getme done for it
i was gonna change it
nice bust :O
well then why havnt u man after last night tlkin bou WoW thinking we were gettin on little did i know uve posted on here. Brad txted me sayin look on crossfire. i seem to be a bit famous on this fkin site wen i aint even done owt here.
now doggyh, idiom, bogey, aamir are all in storm force, so they're gonna deny it all, all of that ^^ is proof, english sent me the log files, the demo, i spectated each one, name changes, well done, first of all when you wanna cheat without being caught make sure you change your name BEFORE you connect, not while hacking, having the same hack, once mattio/flux join storm force, nice nice, english was on the server, wel why dont you guys join u|k server, see if you can connect.. you guys gotta admit you hacked because denying it even though theres enough proof, is so pathetic have fun :)
noone cares about you and your gay name, your a nerd so please just die right now!
wahaha rofl, you really think is my real account :DD can't believe you're so stupid, but could have seen it commin little 14 year old kiddie
im 19 your 14, live with it, now please stop replying, you suck dude
im 14? and you're 19? that's like 2 lies gg
lol ok you think that please come on my ts right now
and hear some 14 year old kiddie voice no thnx besides that i have to eat
lol scared little pussy, you know im 19 and your just a nerd to admit it, cmon loser, come on my ts we'll see who sounds 19 asshole =)
why in gods name should i come to your little ts server to hear youre and disconnect youre not worth it, and what does a voice proves? perfo voice sounds like he 39 but he's 15/16 w/e so why dont you die oki and stop replying
rofl why dont you stop replying and making stupid comments, your just scared, you call me 14 and you cba coming on my ts, your just a scared little kid, your scared because you most probably sound like a 10 year old, god bless you son :)
yes w/e i am 10 years old, come to cpc II will see
rofl come to my ts and stop replying now its sad
no i will not come to youre little sad hackers ts, die you fucking fag, i can only imagine 1 reason why you want me to come, cause you wanna make some new friends well that's not gonna happen die now
lol i wouldnt want you as a friend if you was the last person on earth, dunno why your flaming me for busting 3 cheaters in storm force, its pathetic, your pathetic, i BUSTED sf, show me some reespect you fucking loser bb
respect, you're a busted cheater and you want respect, i dont really fucking care if they or you got busted cause your noob anyway just fuck off little retard
actually i own you anyday and the last time i got busted was last year, so if your gonna keep going on about something that happend AGES ago then be my guest gayboy
well i got busted 2 years ago, and now, yes im banned and you dont see me trying to bust ppl of my own clan, pretty low but w/e like i said before 14 year old kiddie

1) i aint a kid im 19 asshole

2) i aint in the clan you dipshit, shows how slow you really are

3) this is a bust you dont like it fuck off, anyone else who dont like the fact storm force cheat can kiss my arse too. bunch of wankers
1 ip check will say enough imo
yea come on his TS.
So he can use a voice changer with you cuz he dont want his voice recorded cuz he sounds like a retard.
have you heard yourself lately, you sound like bin ladin
and for the record were not banned
so try again u cunt
keep trying cuz we all know u wont give up cuz ur a NERD!
u know it. sandra knows it hell even the whole ET community knows it
wow you hacked, so are you still denying it? you have been caught, face it! and yes you are banned, go on u|k server, kthx
who cares if i am banned from a low skill public server.
I wasnt even cheating was just name faking u cuz i missed u soooooooo much. NOT
funy wolfcam says different noobie so stfu
omg just ban agrippa imo wdf do we need a tard like him in the et scene? :O
Wolftard I've seen loads of guys with the u|k tag getting busted for cheating, your credits to u|k English just got an ironic touch.
should they all get lifetime ban for faking u on a public server?

Edit: they didnt even guidspoof, only a name fake?
god the lot of you are complete idiots, you flame people who dont cheat and you dont flame people who do cheat, so what the hell are you guys on? your all fucked up, i busted sF, why dont you flame them? this is what i get for letting people know storm force is a bunch of cheaters, they were caught, YELL AT THEM, i dont nheed to take this shit from a bunch of dick heads, i done this bust for all of you so you know what your playing against, show some gratitude ignorant pricks, those guys deserve a ban, i dont, all i get is flame, EVERY post i make, go fuck yourselves, and go yell at the real cheaters which i busted
yeah so funny, *NOT*
so u want people 2 talk to them in caps, and be all angry and stuff?

sounds mature!
Blablablabla agripaa go buy a life and also life is a game..pls dont get its cheats ;(
are you a thick cunt or something I AINT THE ONE with the cheats, the people i have busted which is above, ^^^^ CAN YOU SEE THAT, ?? NO BLIND? IDIOT? why dont you get a life and stop bugging me with stupid comments
LoL Agrippa the no-lifer calling me to get a life that's funny :))) getting busted for cheating in a game is fucking childish and stupid. so lets hope maybe sometime you'll grow up. and btw nice SUNGLASSES LOL!
wolfe plz admit ur 19, but have the mental age of a 5 year old kiddy fuck, thx
lol, théy did it again o.O

agrippa biggest nub i ever know
he was my fanboy :(
dunno why your flaming me im the one who busted these gays, but aww well i still busted them, you can choose to be gay or respectful :) i aint botherd
here comes agrippas little record of the nice chat we had on TS »»
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