trick avi

About me:
- 19
- speaking: Poland/England
- skill: medish
- multiclasser (no probs with being 2nd engi or sth)
- avi after 18CET all days ( not avi on some Fridays)
- nice guy :*
- previous clans: nothing very known, apart from normality.RTCW (for a short period).

- prefer: Europe
- mature
- stable (& active)
- medish or higher :D:D
- Would be nice if I'd know some of you (not a must) ;]

pmme here or /q trick (or trickje) @ #immortalstorm @Quakenet

image: 253712_207154469325700_134033966637751_551905_3142664_n
GL! The nicest polak I know :) Highest fragger among our games, so skill is at least low++.
nope. sorry.
I'm sure the chick was a transexual so no problems there. GL TRICKJE EPIC POLAK IS EPIC
good lack :)
nice name stealing mate ;) ^^
Nice games last night :)
?? what games??
theSLACroom or w/e that server is called :)
dont even remember you but kk
oh noes another polish
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