Searching for TS3 specialist


As u can see, a german fag is presenting his awesome ts3, its well setted.
Nice Channel-designe, Icons, Moderation.., to bad he, his Website and his ts3 got busted, for doing sometin ilegal, so i cant contact him anymore..

I´m searching for someone who is as known as this guy must be, with ts3
If there is someone who want to earn izi money with his ts3 skills, contact me.

on cf
xf: axekami
i'm illegal
nothing special about that, some spacers some bb code and icons and header, all things you can do by yourself if you use google.
its theme
dude : / u dont need a specialist to have a teamspeak look like that, check ts3 forums all info is there and its pretty easy., (my favorite plug-in is the music-bot, i recommend u try and test it)
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