RTCW cup :)

so our friend and superstar Estoniamata wants to organize a RTCW cup, people who are interested in participating in this cup, join #Squad.RTCW or just post here with a team name and players, if you dont know the full lineup, just put TBA. this post is to learn how much ppl are interested, if there are enough, there WILL be a cup! :)
yap, already working on one tho ;-)
I would be avi for a team, but for some reason my key doesnt work anymore and my RtCW crashes every 5 minutes :( Is it possible to pay with iDeal on Steam?
Estonia kivisildurid
Estonia sildur
Estonia kivi
Estonia wildur
Estonia mant
Estonia killer(est)
Estonia tba
lt/medic available
medic avi, pub experience only
Good Idea - I'm avi - msg me
I'd play but LAN is too close :)
as avi as the portuguese fags above me ;)

i love you <3 :P
will start doing this now.. thanks for helping me! Kola
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