Ekto avi as moviemaker

after i finished my http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=movie&mode=item&id=1374, i took a little break, but now i got motivation to make a new project!

my quali can be seen in HR - The Movie, but I want to improve my quali, this is why the new movie will take some weeks more :)

I'm highly motivated and will finish the project for sure!

Your skill doesnt matter to me, but the frags must be good and tagged with time (optionally cutted)
enough frags for movie around 5-6 mins (maybe more, if enough demos)

_Ekto in #xlibres.et


oxid`Ekto on #teamoxid

or via pm on cf!

flame on!
avi, are you also up for some community movie or something?
dont know, the last community movies all sucked, i heard!

didnt see them all!

but when there is enough interest, and enough demos and all that stuff ye why not.

or clanmovie is np too!
-----> mirc
gl finding ;)
Might have some, even if all my good demos are from 06-08 time

Already music timed etc ready
gl, but dont just concentrate on improving the quali, editing/creativity is more important :)
u might wanna help me improving? :D
well, improving quality is easy, a good movieconfig and some adjustments with Magic Bullet will give you a very good quality, and about improving with editing/creativity: testing,testing,testing is all I can say :>

e: By watching your previous Movie I assume you know of After Effects and Sony Vegas..
yep, but i rly sucks ballz in ae :D

vegas is okish, testing things here and there, but easier to me than ae!
yea ae is quite difficult, I recommend you to check out ae.tutsplus.com or videocopilot.com to learn some of the basic stuff, everything else comes with time.
i know videocopilot, but i didnt want to end up like jan_ once did, with "videocopilot the movie" :DDD

and my version is fucked w/o all the cc effects! :(
just make tuts to learn about ae, then make something own out of what you've learned from the tuts
ye copying tuts is just pointless, so far i came with my knowledge :D
yea same :) also try to play the frags along with the music a bit more, a very easy thing which gives a lot of plus
never saw the movie, but I guess it wasnt that good :/ Which version of AE do you have right now? I could give you a link to Cs4 if needed, CC effects are included.
i got ae cs3, i have cs5 too, but thats 64bit windows version only, and since i got an old fucked up computer, i dont have 64bit :D
try downloading cs4 then, never used anything beside this versions and its working perfectly..
provide me a link ;)
I downloaded mine from thepiratebay.org, but unfortunately linking to torrent sites is disallowed here on crossfire, just search for it on thepiratebay.org and take the one with the best seeders/leechers ratio (many seeders, less leechers), and download an Adobe Keygen from google..
i had a shitload of demos, 2 bad I deleted m all cuz Implux would make my movie and I gave him all my demo's.

But at the end of the day that fucktard just dissapeared
for me it is, wouldve been nice to see a fragmovie with my own frags :p Guess no1 else would think the same here, but still.
j/k :) also lost 95% of decent demos from 2004-2007 back in the days and it almost killed me
ye ok... but ?? like who would have watched it?!
as i said, not that it would matter to probably any1 except me, but I wouldve liked it
oxidmovie incoming?
gimme demos, with times and stuff, this would be 1st priority!
der ekto ^^
cut my demos from ettv matches and make a movie
i would never ever cut or watch demos for anyone!
i have many demos :X
watch them, and send some to me, so i get an impression :D i might pick it up ;) if u want me to :D
ektöö :3
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