Blunt need 3rd

Well.. As the title says, we would like to find a third player who could handle to play with FranceReturner.


_ You can speak french or english
_ Over 18 y/o pref
_ we would you like to be kinda active, we want to pracc hard and then go pro.
_ I wanted to say that we gonna play some ladder games and win against the belgian fraternity
_ Somehow skilled, just read above.

Don't miss the chance to play with a belgian talented player and a raging frog who uses his stick during the 3o3's.
I almost forgot, i'm seeeeeexy.
Ps: We wanna play during the summer, right ?

Q me on #crossfire or

image: tumblr_lkubmj2d121qzy9ouo1_500
yeah steal random chicks from my site. nice madame
gl you sexy frog.
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