48 seconds of jaCk

Hello Anonymous,
After 57 seconds of Austria jaN and 57 seconds of Germany predi, here's another part of the "seconds of" series, this time starring NetherlandsjaCk!
This is meant as a short clip, mainly to advertise jaCk's nice frags, as he is searching for a good and reliable Moviemaker!
So if you are a moviemaker and currently looking for nice demos, get this guy!!

Well, enough said, I hope you enjoy 48 seconds of jaCk :)



image: 48secondsofjack
stuns? wut to low for movies
yes the famous stuns, and yes, also the famous WuT.
famous = skill? don't think so
stuns is, and WuT isnt that bad in trickjumping either..
Are you avi to do my fragmovie ?
even if I got uberfrag against top player ?
no sry, I really have enough to do: TJ Movie which will be finished soon, after that probably my last project, a Community Movie..
Fu, WuT will dominate :)
Okay man , get your facts right , since you don't even know the meaning of trickjump you should stfu.
2nd of all , stuns can't jump a shit , he nolifes 1 combo 5days and records (profit?)

WuT > stuns anyday , so now go lick donkey balls with your bullshit stories you cgaz using whining piece of shit.
weak comeback 0/10
Guess I hit'd on sensitive spot since that's the all you can reply with. 8)
Nextime think twice when you post crap like this.

Regards ,

Cgaz master of 999 server - naKu.
You still got da powah! ;D <3
Rate it perse !

You da boss mate ;)
According to the demos I saw, both are very skilled jumpers..
how can i enjoy 48 seconds of a lowbob? pff

I respect and like what you're doing though Gemb, keep up the good work.
thanks, but imo jaCk is a good player who has lots of good frags :)
This video will start converting in approximately 00:20:07. You can leave this page and we will email you when this video is ready for watching.
Quotee: Stream on Vimeo still has to be converted, should be done at 21:00.
my mine seconds :<
Stuns sux ballz
Quote by stunsfanboy 24/7

he told me to reply this..
Yeah, he is my fanboi
Ready stream or gtfo
QuoteAfter 57 seconds of jaN

why make a clip about a cheater? i dont understand
he isn't a cheater you prick.
hes busted idiot
he's not you retard, m1st3r is just a fucking faggot:

what is this I don't even ...
ich halt mich da zwar raus, aber der sound könnte auch ganz einfach manipuliert sein, ich glaub das wissen wir beide..
dann zieh dir das "bust movie" rein. Wennst da den Sound höherstellst hörst du genau diese Schritte. Ach und btw is im movie der Sound auch noch runtergedreht worden. Schon witzig dass man mit einer .avi busten darf :D
genauso witzig wie mit ner avi zu "unbusten" (nicht das ich avi busts gut finde aber das ist auch nicht besser)
der avi bust war sowieso unnötig da die Perspektive eine andere war. Wenn man aber bei der "bust avi" genau hinhört dann hörst du die selben Geräusche wie bei der "antibust avi"

aber ja, ich lass es jetzt sein. Er zockt eh nimma, unteranderem wegen dem scheiß ;)
jo wie gesagt, ich beschäftig mich mit der sache nich so, obwohl ich zustimme das man mit ner avi nich busten dürfte, da man ja einfach sachen manipulieren kann..
I dont really know if he was/is cheating, he asked me to make a short clip for him and he had clean demos, so I made it.
nice quality. bad frags Xd
quality isnt bad.. hope you won't touch any good frags though, as you will probably manage to make everything look shit with this stupid forwarding..
I dont like that forwarding -slowmo either, but I had no other chance than that to sync the music..
mach lieber mal mein movie :O
no hitsounds = no win
both wut and stuns trickjump atleast 14 hours a day
should be a good movie then!
And even then they're both shit.
homobeat + gamma only,
who be best trickjumper in history of eneny territory
when a clip is as short as this, atleasst make it watchable. this is just like watching a retarded cssclip
+1 and music is shit for this video
What do you mean with watchable? I know these retarded css clips, huge impacts with overused lights, so you cant see the frags.. do you mean that?
editing is so short and fast paced that the frags just look like they were all made with 1 hit :/ in cs that works in ET tracking is nice to watch. dont cut the frags up too much if theyre fast already ingame
QuoteThese random letters make it look so much better, although they aren't really necessary lol


The editing is awful, stop with all those effects... it ruins it!
nice,but intro doesn't seem to be tracked well
thats boujou's fault, didnt change anything after that :S
could also be that you didn't put the HUD properly in After effects,


watch how he puts the files in After Effects, after that you can change the X & Y positions
( but don't change the Z) if it's too small just scale it up !
yea gonna watch that tutorial, thanks.
btw check your inbox, sent you a PM.
Dubstep cannot into ET fragmovies/clips, anyway good quality. Keep it up!
intro 14 sec outro 5sec? :< I expected 48 seconds of HC-FRAGGING

Thank god it didnt last longer than 48 secs.
good song/vidéo editing/quality but that's all :D
This short movie is simply astonishing. If you manage to make it longer, it will certainly be one of the best movie in 2011 since I haven't seen any "great" movie since Requiem.
what about my movies?
What movies?
my profile !
thanks lefrancism8, you can help me soon to get that "movie of the year by retarded panelist" award :)
I'll never be in that panel since its representative of ET 2003 and mainly constitued by CF admins / friends of admins.
didnt mean that, but you have to make me a shoutcast soon, will contact you then :> prepare your voice 8)
Oh, ok. Then I can do it!
man your quality :)

btw what video card do you have , ati or nvidia?
2x nvidia geforce 8800gts
my ATI video card (brand new radeon HD5570)
all quality settings to the max, still the borders ..etc are not straight they are bit zig-zagged :/
try to use hitsounds aswell, maybe just a personal opinion but it makes it even more enjoyable

anyway nice work ;)
:)) nice video tbh i dont like the dubstep aswell :)
Netherlands jaCkie ??
its 0:49 :S
nice quality & edit, shit frags :P
schönes movie gemb :]]

in zukunft mach mal hitsounds, das mag jeder :P
nonix is da anderer meinung haha :D naja aber für einen shortclip schon :p
quality was excellent but that's all :/
True, there are many effects but it's not effective
u the best
Your doing good Gemb :) but it's to much 'here n' there' imo, try to not touch the frags so much, also sycning to 'bigger' sounds would do a good job to the 'feel'
alright, thanks for the good criticism :)
this is shit, i mean the content
Cant wait for trickjump movie, i hope u did the same job like thyRell !!!!
more like quaky :>
Ah its nice !!!!
at first i wanted to watch with hd @ own3d.tv and it didnt work :(

and then i watched with normal quality and i was annoyed

nothing against u
I dont really get what you wanna tell me with that, pls elaborate :/
the hd stream from own3d.tv was fucked up

i didnt rly like the editing + song ( u recorded with 30fps? seems also a bit laggy on slowmotion )
recorded with 50fps, I should've used higher fps rate for slowmotion, but yea, I made that in 1 day and didnt really care for that (which is a mistake by me ofc) :S
overedited (expected), by far not my taste of music, the cut of "music" after "intro" was too fast, should have had any "smooth edge"
didnt really pay attention to frags, as overediting killed everything for me (fast/slow/skip)
like graphics tho
everything I wanted to say :)
nice to see I am not the only who doesnt like such movies :p
well done Gemb, dont listen to all these haters!
Nice effects and quality ;)
fuck this shit, Lets play Black ops
ok bro, tonait 19:00 CET?
Would like to see this kinda quality & editing in longer movies instead of those shit-fraps what we got mostly nowadays...
u played at fbi?
Keep up the effort. Imo short movies like these should have very fast frags & much less of an intro, outro and less effects. Music also seems not perfectly fit for this.

Keep it up though.
That was pretty damn awesome tbh Gemb :) I liked it how you made sure the kill was made at every drop(dnno how to name it), the frags werent thatb ad, but I like hitsounds(if they are headshots ofc :x) in a movie but htats just me :) The quali was good, colours were fine aswell :)

Keep up the good work ;)
thanks for the criticism, how to do that? here u go :p

image: unbenanntdsr

every marker stands for a specific change in the beat ^_^
Seems like u put alot of effort into it! :) Just make sure the frags wont get over-edited :)
nice editing

and what a great kill on supply upstairs. never done dat before
thought the same ^^
where's the joke?
first i read jK-gambit made a movie of idle^jakazc

@ intro the overlay looks mishaped on the left side, also when you use twitch or w/e you are doing to make it slide and shake can see the edges of the frames - there is the option to reflect borders which wont draw any attention at all to those edges coming into view.


otherwise a bit over edited, dont like too much editing @ frags, editing is for transitions, cams, cinematics not frags! :D
thanks for the criticism, I think you mean those black bars that are sometimes appearing throughout the intro? Its the wiggle effect in After Effects which is not changeable. Now I downloaded a plugin,http://aescripts.com/yy_morphshake/, which should remove the bars now :>
yea the black bars are the edges of the frame :) there is some inbuilt AE effect to reflected frame edges so its not noticeable - I remember seeing it on the bullet tutorials a while back.
- The intro is 10 seconds.
- frags suck

+ good quality
+ nice music
mach mir mal son scheiss immerhin sind wir verheiratet
schick mir halt fragz + musik.. was machst du überhaupt zuhause? :o
Schwere Erkältung und so ;))
post @ movies too
no, I dont really think this belongs to Movie section..
+1 for understanding that.
+1 for that good attitude. :)
Weak gameplay
song is nice :P did u got it from CF or u know it before ? :D
FeedMe - Blood Red, found it on youtube ^_^
ye i know this song its nice :P
just wondering :D
I only know one jack, and his name is Estonia Allan ... and hes a dick.
very nice quality and good editing.
frags are shit :/
You obviously have too much time :P
You are wasting your time to do such a 'long' movies while you are doing a trickjump movie and other stuff lol
I did this in 1 day, mainly to help jaCk find a moviemaker, and no, I dont have too much time, I just use the freetime I have.
music name ?
FeedMe - Blood Red
thanks and nice movie btw :)

Its really nice Quality but try to not do fast foward so much makes it looks shit :/ but i liked it :)
where is my interview :DD
best leuke frags hoor, stelletje haters hier
haha ik heb veel betere + meer, maar ga niet alles nu al geven hé ://
I keep it for myself :DDDDDDD
good quality, only thing i didnt like is the too sharp edges, they give some ugly pixels sometimes (did you use some sharpen anyway?)

frags were not THAT good and also fast forwarding killed it a bit for me, overall it was watchable but still missed something that would have made it more enjoyable for me.

anyway, good work and keep it up!

surprise us with some full movie next time. :)
thanks vaggi, really appreciate your criticism. well yeah, Im using the sharpen effect in afte effects, tho it sometimes looks weird, I like it overall.. yea tj movie coming soon, although I cant really proof my editing skills with it, I was quite creative imo :)
Looking forward to it. ;)
Quoteadvertise jaCk's nice frags

nice gl with trickjump movie ;)
You should make a whole fragmovie with dubstep, its nice

To get you started here is a song to use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaIZ0mUJzr0
I dont really see myself doing that since it would require forwarding and all that stuff, I dont really like that tbh :S My next Fragmovie will have rock genre, so its more like usuall fragmovies :>

e: anyways thanks for your opinion and that song, might use it for another part of the series..
- frags
- too long intro
- too short (:D)

+ colors
+ quality
+ editing
48 seconds of cancer
12 sec intro lolz
bad sync is just bad
tell me where it wasnt good synced, as you are the first one to say this..
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