want brink promod?

Say your opinion without flame and troll
If u agree with promod in brink, u can make sd hear your voice


Brink is a underestimated game that has greatest potential after q3.
Atm the SPLASHDAMAGE is ruining it making the duels a lottery applying to the weapons an unnatural spread.
Plus the game need some things that aren't hard to be implemented.
Help competitive brink to grow while sdk is out.

I used to play rtcw/Et but i dont despise this game cause it's really innovative, it tries to move on from old standards but it doesnt take off, due to the bad choices of its software house.
no ? i dont play brink.
QuoteBrink is a underestimated game that has greatest potential after q3.

Brink is a clunky piece of shit, have fun trying reviving a game that was born dead
tbh there is alot of potential but its hidden under a pile of crappiness :p

remove the crap and u get a good game
sure, pm hannes / arni

Quotewithout flame and troll

QuoteCrossfire 3.2 - A Gaming Community

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this game is born dead none is playing it
their is actually more player on W:ET than this

kinda useless to make a promod
It's a piece of shit. Numerous people said that it was terrible to begin with and people still try to make it work. Even though its been stated many times, I think it would be interesting for a developer to make an updated version of ET/rtcw. I guarantee that it would do better than Brink, ET:QW & Wolfenstein combined. How many times do they want to release a game which dies after a month? They must see that something is wrong & hopefully it will get them to listen to the community more.

In the meantime, I'm turning to TF2 :)
i loved rtcw and i liked et but now its time to move on

brink has a fun innovative movements system
with light character you can jump around and have parkour stuntman's moves

The game is just too consolized but i dont think it cant be saved
About a new w:et mod would be cool but it has nothing to do with brink...
The movement system is terrible. It takes zero skill to navigate the maps, which, in my opinion, is a major factor in FPS games, especially on the PC. Hold sprint to negotiate anything in your way, great fun. Why is it time to move on from ET? It's a game which has been polished over 8 years and currently has a more active community than Brink which was released just over a month ago.

There is a reason why Brink, ET:QW and Wolfenstein failed - because they're shit.
i left et cause its full of cheaters and cause i knoe every corner of the maps. after 8 years i am BORED

isnt it enuf?
What relevance would that have to a new ET?
as i said this e-penis war is going nowhere. i didnt come here to flame with et players in fact this is brink's forum so i dont get what are these brink's haters doing here...

I give a shit about whos better between brink and w:et and anyways i wont play anymore that game boring at least for me. played too many years between rtcw and et

i wanted as many, to move on.
do i need to justify what i do? dont think so
Quotedo i need to justify what i do? dont think so

You're the one justifying it when I didn't even ask for you to.

I said that developers would be best creating a new ET and you retort with "i left et cause its full of cheaters and cause i knoe every corner of the maps" which is totally irrelevant. I'm talking about a NEW ET, not a modded ET, or a new map for it, I'm talking about a brand spanking new ET. Similar gameplay with a few minor tweaks, completely new maps, better engine etc. You may be bored of the cheaters, maps etc. but the rtcw/ET gameplay is like no other current games and personally I think that theres a gap in the market for an updated version.

I didn't want an argument, but it seems that you have misinterpreted my comments.
why make a new et with new graphic when its not needed?
everyone plays pacman style so why make the best graphic?

Make a new et has no sense at all... And btw brink tried to put something new on the table. And really, i think that it has potential.

Anyways everyone will stay with his own opinion
Quotewhy make a new et with new graphic when its not needed?

Because most gamers are ignorant? They want the shiny realistic graphics, most players judge a game on screenshots and I know a few people who refuse to play ET because it looks outdated. It may not be needed for the people who have played this game for 8 years, but for the casual gamer, it's a big deal.

Better graphics -> more people are interested -> more people play -> bigger community -> more activity, more maps etc.
What is dead should stay dead

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no light no fight... ohwait.
Are we talking about this game involving less than 1000 players?
tbh i thought i was in brink forum
sincerely i dont care about w:et and its players

If u came here to troll and flame, you missed your thread
no offense or trolling...

but i guess it is obviously too late already, statistics are rapidly going down.

+ alot of the scene is from TF2, which has a new boost now cause it is free2play -> ppl will leave
+ BF3 release soon (also alot of BF players involved in the Brink scene) -> even more will leave
+ game was not accepted by a majority of the W:ET players -> as always ^^

This + the SDK and promod missing are already the nails in the coffin for Brink... as soon as the major tournaments are finished, most of the "pro-teams" will fall apart / leave the game, just like they did in ET:QW & Wolfenstein

Brink is not underestimated, it has failed, just face it...
believe me, dont spend time for reply to this guy. He's the trollest person in the whole internet i guess, he can see only his point of wiev and he can only make people flame for his replies.
Quote524 942 BRINK

Game doesnt deserve really anything, it is dead alredy.
QuoteBrink is a underestimated game that has greatest potential after q3.

hahahaha decent troll
i spy, with my little eye, someone that spent 40 euros on a game and is trying to get his moneys worth. GL.
DONT say this:<

Makes me confront the truth:<
i tried to tell you matj lad :(
tell those 500 who still play it, gl!
mtvm btw. necrophilia is illegal (:
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